PV Puech Long
PV Puech Long

Project Water-to-Wheel (W2W) proposes the generation and storage of emission free energy. Electric energy is produced through instream water turbines being exposed to tidal currents. The anticipated location of W2W is Raz Blanchard in Normandie, France. On a renovated ex oil drilling platform of the "jack up" type the electric energy will be be transformed in real time to hydrogen (H2) by PEM electrolysis. The H2 be be stored in a liquid organic hydrid carrier (LOHC) and transported by ship and truck to the customers. The involved technologies are fully developed and produced under serial conditions. The planned prototype version of W2W will demonstrate the technical maturity and economic validity of the concept.


Since May 2015

PV Puech Long is a member of the French Hydrogene association AFHYPAC

The project proposal W2W has been renewed and submitted to ADEME  in October 2016 by SME's from France and Germany. 

By January 2017 our production of photovoltaic electric energy has accumulated 1,7 MWh