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The knowledge, assessment and promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies


Among the renewable energy sources hydrogene appears to have the highest potential to replace fossil energy sources.

The emission free production of hydrogene (green H2) uses industrialised processes also for larger quantities.

Different industrialised solutions for H2 storage are available.

Hydrogene energy will be introduced within the next years to the automotive and the heating industries.

Cost for H2 + fuel cell operations is becoming competitive to fossil fuel in combustion engines.

The present market price for green H2 can be met by processes and logistics as proposed by the "Water-to-Wheel“ project.


Since May 2015

PV Puech Long is a member of the French Hydrogene association AFHYPAC

The project proposal W2W has been renewed and will be submitted to INTERREG  in 2019 

By January 2019 our production of photovoltaic electric energy has accumulated 2,3 MWh